History of TOMOEI

  • 1932: Founded head office of Jinjiro Nishizawa, the first elder, and manufactured by Jakunen-style namagashi.
    The first son, Jinjiro Nishizawa, was the second son of the family, and was trained in Kyoto before the detached native family. Other personality, firmness, candid craftsmanship, Kagami unscrupulous refusal, old-fashioned personality, 讓, etc. "Friendship" name, Kotori self and others training time Japanese style dessert store name.
  • 1966, the store was relocated to the location where the current factory is located. For the workers at that time, the sweet and sweet Daifuku Mochi was very popular.
  • 1972, the second generation Masaru Nishizawa was appointed as the representative director. Started manufacturing Western confectionery.
  • 1981 Katsuji Nishizawa trained at "Kozuki" in Kyoto. He is fascinated by craft confectionery.
  • 1986 Joined the 3rd generation Katsuji Nishizawa (Hyundai CEO) Started manufacturing and selling Western confectionery, and since this was well received, Takashima City's first coffee shop was added.
  • 1988 Introduction of automatic bean paste, freezer, quick freezer, etc. ⇒Establishment of mass production system Challenge new challenges.
  • 1990: Since the 21st National Confectionery Expo "Technology Excellence Award", awards have continued at competitions and expositions.
  • November 1997 Fujiki Kaido store opened (main store relocated) Started displaying craft confectionery at the store
  • 2005 Started manufacturing and selling sweets using Adberry
  • 2008
  • 2009 Selected as "Oumi's Master Craftsman".
  • 2010 Omi Kunimitsu Nishineshu Japanese-style Dessert Exhibition