TOMOEI's Sweets

Yourong Fruit Shop is about to enter its 90th year of business. We use crops cultivated in the rich natural environment of Nishiomi River to create Japanese desserts that others cannot imitate. Our principle of making desserts is to never compromise, and strive to create unique desserts that will impress consumers through vision and taste.

Our shop has increased the variety of its own products, hoping to provide customers with better quality snacks. We made full use of the experience we learned in Japanese confectionery shops in Kyoto to start making Western desserts and increase our own products. More than 80% of the products displayed in the store are made exclusively by our store.

We focus on inheriting the traditional Japanese culture of dessert crafts, honing our skills, participating in various competitions and expositions, and winning many awards. After all the above experiences, our restaurant was awarded the name of "Omi Master Craftsman", and was invited to Michigan, USA, to actually show the process of making Japanese desserts, so that overseas customers can understand the deliciousness and amazingness of Japanese desserts. . Through the process of selling desserts, we are confident that we can provide the "colorfulness" and "core values" of Japanese desserts, making the daily lives of customers around the world more colorful.
I hope that dear customers in Singapore, after tasting the Japanese and Western desserts of "Youei", they will continue to support us.