Where is TOMOEI?

Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan. On the west side of the lake is the Azukawa River that flows through the Nishiomi area, and on the back is the green Hiira Mountains. The four seasons are colorful and colorful. Our company is located in this area surrounded by abundant nature. In 1932 (Showa 7) Started business.

We cherishly use flour, glutinous rice, red beans and other rich resources bestowed by the earth, and spare no effort to cook handmade fillings locally and make them into commodities. For a long time, we have attached great importance to the value of local customs, and integrated Eastern and Western cultures, using new flavors and materials to create new products. The company has gone through four generations of inheritance, focusing on the production of desserts from beginning to end. We hope to put all our heart and energy into the dessert, become a bridge between people, and continue to pass on this spirit in the future.

We hope that our desserts will fill everyone with laughter and happiness, and let everyone feel the craftsmanship pursued by the dessert masters.
In addition to traditional Japanese desserts, our company also produces all kinds of Western desserts with a wide range of products.

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